Ruby Rogues - Live Podcast!

This presentation was recorded on April 25, 2012 in Austin, Texas at RailsConf 2012.

The presenters are James Edward Gray, Charles Max Wood, Josh Susser, David Brady and Avdi Grim.

Ruby's favorite podcast comes to RailsConf! Join the Ruby Rogues (David Brady, James Edward Gray II, Avdi Grimm, Josh Susser, and Charles Max Wood) for this live episode on What Rails Developers Should Care About.

If you've listened to the show, you probably know that the Rogues favor:

Good Object Oriented design
Test Driven Development
The Law of Demeter and Tell, Don't Ask
Open source
Beautiful code
Pair programming
Code metrics
Scaling performant code
and more
Since this is a live episode, we want to interact with the audience. Each Rogue will give a brief introduction on what's important to him as a Rubyist on Rails, then we will turn the session over to your questions. We will take them over the Internet and/or live, before and during the show.

All that AND we promise to wear amazing hats!

Help us caption & translate this video!

Rails Conf 2012