Domain Driven Design and Hexagonal Architecture with Rails

By Eric Roberts and Declan Whelan

You know that Domain Driven Design, Hexagonal Architecture, and the Single Responsibility Principle are important but it's hard to know how to best apply them to Rails applications. Following the path of least-resistance will get you in trouble. In this session you will learn a way out of the "fat model, skinny controller" hell. You will leave with a roadmap to guide your design based on concepts from Domain Driven Design and Hexagonal Architecture.

Declan loves to code and help others get joy from their code. When not coding he is the CTO at Printchomp, an agile coach at Leanintuit and an Agile Alliance Board Member.

Eric Roberts is a software developer at Boltmade and co-founder at 20Skaters. He is enthusiastic about creating maintainable software.

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RailsConf 2014