Keith and Mario's Guide to Continuous Deployment with Rails

By Keith Pitt and Mario Visic

Recently it has become common practise for development teams to deploy their code several times a day, as well as encouraging new developers to deploy on their first day at work.

In our talk Mario and I will discuss how we use continous deployment to push these practises to the extreme. Automatically deploying the master branch on new changes is an awesome way to improve your development process.

Automatically deploying master will fundamentally change how you work.

Keith is a Ruby Developer from Adelaide living in Melbourne. By day he works at Pin Payments and by night he works on Buildbox.

In Keith's spare time, he watches many scary movies, and wins Magic Competitons.

Mario is a Ruby on Rails developer from Perth Australia, he currently works on the Microlancer team at Envato in Melbourne. As well as being a Co-Founder of Desktoppr he has also worked on some cool projects such as iMeducate and Airtasker

In his spare time he enjoys eating different types of cheeses.

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