Inventing Friends: ActionCable + AVS = 3

RailsConf 2017: Inventing Friends: ActionCable + AVS = 3 by Jonan Scheffler & Julian Cheal

Chatbots, ActionCable, A.I. and you. And many more buzzwords will enthral you in this talk.

We'll learn how to create a simple chatroom in Rails using ActionCable, then how to talk to your colleagues in the office or remote locations using text to speech and Amazon Voice Service.

Using the power of ActionCable we will explore how its possible to create an MMMOC: massively multiplayer online chatroom, that you can use TODAY to see your; Travis Build status, or deploy code to your favourite PAAS, let you know when the latest release of Rails is out. Using nothing but your voice and ActionCable.

RailsConf 2017