Mentoring the way to a more diverse and inclusive workplace

RailsConf 2019 - Mentoring the way to a more diverse and inclusive workplace by Alexandra Millatmal


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Often, the endeavors of hiring and mentoring junior engineers and of bolstering diversity and inclusion efforts are seen as “nice to haves” at best and “extraneous” (or even “impossible”!) at worst. But in reality, building diversity and inclusivity and fostering the ability to incorporate junior engineers go hand-in-hand. Engineering teams should approach each of these efforts in service of the other.

Together, we'll articulate the value of investing in mentorship efforts in terms of their impact on the ability to attract and retain diversity. You will walk away with a clearer understanding of the connection between the two efforts, and ideas for incorporating mentorship and D&I processes at your place of work.

RailsConf 2019