You Can’t Bubblebath The Burnout Away

RailsConf 2019 - You Can’t Bubblebath The Burnout Away by Jennifer Tu


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Ugh. Management. Agile was supposed to free us from that, right? Self-organized, cross-functional teams who get stuff done without that old-guard hierarchy. In this fauxtopia, some developers were more equal than others. Can we get the healthy parts back without the Lumberghs?

To bring back healthy engineering management we first must de-mystify and de-stigmatize the concept of management. In this talk we will: * Explore the context of management * Learn the responsibilities of management * Discuss the techniques of management

As a developer, you'll be equipped to understand, empathize with, and influence your boss. As a manager, you'll build a foundation to help you better serve your team.

RailsConf 2019