Dismantling Dystopian Futures with Humane Factories

The terminal glowed a sickly pale green, reflecting in her lenses. “What do you mean, RecordInvalid?” she scoffed, and set to the task of debugging the factory. Hairs stood up on her neck as she realized the implications of her findings — she could practically smell the corrosion, but it was nobody’s fault. It was everyone’s fault. Data was long ago divorced from the human lives they were intended to improve. Dmitry bolted upright in a sweat. She was safe at home — it was all a dream, at least for now. There was still time. She started her morning routine, but breakfast was the last thing on her mind. She didn’t know all the factors, but she knew where to begin. Join me in this whimsical exploration of some not-so-whimsical tactics to put your test factories to work in some unconventional ways.

RubyConf 2021