What a long Strange Trip it has been.

This talk will explore the story of Ezra's travels through the history of ancient Rails 0.6 when he first picked it up in 2004 all the way through current times and extrapolate out to the future of the Rails and Ruby platform and how much of a success it has been. We will talk about the twisting path from way back then to now and beyond and explore what Rails was, is and will be as time keeps on slipping into the future.

This talk will be chock full of aqdvancxed tech as well as ramblings of a Rails industry Vet who has been "On the Rails" for 8 long years now and has played a major part in shaping what has been, is and will be(at least in his own mind where he is absolutely a legend, in reality he's just a schmuck who hacks ruby)

I want to share with the Rails community my story and experiences and hopefully impart some wisdom and some hard learned lessons about life, liberty and the pursuit of a rails app that doesn't use 400Mb of RAM per process ;)

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Rails Conf 2012